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At CIMTEC, we take our customers’ needs seriously.  The automation industry is constantly evolving and producing more efficient, higher quality and cost effective equipment that is difficult to keep up with. Learning how to run these machines

Today, quality is becoming a priority. Mass customization defines the market trend and our customers’ needs have become even more competitive.  Consumers expect personalization of a standard product (e.g., different colors of the same mobile phone) as

In 2015 CIMTEC Automation announced its latest addition to their growing distribution line with the Epson Scara T3.  Since then, our customers have boosted their productivity and their bottom line. These robots deliver precision assembly and material

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PLC’s do have a Shelf Life! When purchasing PLC’s, it’s important to note the DATE CODE. Check Date Codes to make sure you are buying parts in current and good-working condition. Parts with Older dates (5 years

If you have one of GE’s flagship PLCs—including the 90-30 and the 90-70, among others—it’s likely you’ve considered migrating over the years. Since the 90-30 is now considered a Mature product, transitioning your PLC to an upgraded

GE 90-30 PLCs were made to run and they’ll last a long time with routine maintenance.  Unfortunately, if something does go wrong, the right person to fix it probably isn’t around.  That’s where we come in.  We