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Engineered Solutions by TAG

At TAG Solutions we measure success by the results of our customers – hundreds of companies are achieving or exceeding their manufacturing performance objectives with our help. Our engineers are experts not only in current automation technologies and trends, but also legacy systems that remain the lifeblood of many of our customers. We design and deploy systems that make sense for you, and give you the best payback.

Operators Built for Mundane Tasks

Maximize Efficiency, Increase Quality, Optimize Production and Relieve Your Workers from Repetitive Tasks

Cobots never get sick or tired; they deliver consistent, high quality results shift after shift. Machine tending and palletizing, the most common jobs in manufacturing, can now be automated easily. Operators can focus on more valuable tasks. This productivity increase is even more valuable with skilled operators, such as CNC machinists and box loaders.

The Advantages of Collaborative Automation


Cobot robot arms are easily programmed and redeployed and can be mounted on carts for mobility. Solving both your palletizing and machine tending needs.


Add new functionality without costly changes to production lines. Meet competitive demands for faster output, even in processes not typically suited for automation.


Increase quality and consistency in repetitive tasks where human workers struggle. Cobots can work non-stop while operators focus on higher-value tasks.


See your ROI in a matter of months! The added value cobots bring to your production will increase efficiency, production and your bottom line.