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HMI + Control

Pro-face operator interface plus control products combine built-in PLC functionality with an operator interface. It is an all-in-one hardware and software HMI Control Solution. The all-in-one approach to this Operator Interface and Control solution lowers overall system costs and reduces panel space.

Lower Costs while Maintaining Control

  • One Software Application for HMI & Control!
  • Space-saving HMI plus Control in One Unit!
  • Build Flexibility into your Machines!

The extensive connectivity of Pro-Face control products allows you to pick and choose third party vendors and minimize application costs. Their breadth of product allows you to upgrade, update, and migrate as your needs change.

Diverse Applications

Pro-Face applications range anywhere from factory floor automation and reporting, conveyor systems, water treatment , tank gauging, fill, form, seal, and label packaging machines to commercial applications such as car washes, warehousing, refrigeration monitoring, and many more.


Check out the new LT3000 line of operator interfaces plus control! This new Pro-face line of standalone built-in control HMI systems gives customers an easy way to simplify their packaging machine controls.

STC6000 Basic HMI + Control

The STC6000 series Basic Combo HMI combines PLC functionality integrated with an HMI to create a cost effective, high value machine interface solution. The superior quality display, maintainability and robustness of this Basic Combo HMI meets the needs of simple machine applications for factory automation

LT4000M Series Modular

Flexible installation using a circular hole or built in I/O

LT4000M Series allows installation in a φ22mm hole and provides both HMI and digital analog control in a single unit. It's a space and cost-saving product.

LT4000M Series Connection Configuration

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