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Safety Controllers

Safety controllers from SICK ensure reliable productivity of stationary and mobile machines. In addition to modular hardware, safety controllers offer simple wiring and commissioning. Project planning is quick thanks to intuitive configuration software. Thanks to the compact design and many functions, the devices are well-suited for countless applications, whether simple or complex.

Flexi Compact

Safety under control – compact, easy and efficient

  • Software-programmable safety controller with modular hardware platform
  • High performance Safety over EtherCAT® backplane bus
  • User-friendly housing in a slim design
  • Intuitive Safety Designer configuration software
  • Data communication in common fieldbus systems
  • Safe series connection with Flexi Loop

Flexi Soft

The software-programmable safety controller

  • Safety controller with modular hardware platform
  • Configuration saved in the system plug
  • Safe controller networking with Flexi Line
  • Safe series connection with Flexi Loop
  • Safe drive monitoring
  • Safe analog value monitoring
  • Flexi Soft Designer license-free configuration software

Flexi Classic

Efficient and easy-to-use safety controller

  • Rotary switch for easy function adjustment
  • Modular extension possible
  • Direct wiring for all types of sensors
  • Logic functions: AND, OR, muting, bypass, reset, EDM
  • Integration into all common fieldbuses
  • Integration of the Flexi Loop safe series connection
  • Special muting modules are able to meet all the requirements of a demanding muting application

Safety Designer

Intuitive configuration software for safety products from SICK

  • Process-oriented, intuitive step-by-step configuration for many SICK safety products
  • Verification and reporting – for each device individually or for the entire project
  • Comprehensive diagnostics including data recorder
  • Compliance with established global safety standards

Flexi Soft Designer

Comprehensive configuration software for the safety controller from SICK

  • Simple drag-and-drop logic links
  • Up to 255 certified function blocks for each Flexi Soft station
  • Offline project simulation
  • Project part verification
  • Full project report in just one single file
  • Comprehensive wiring assistance
  • Licensing for automated download or for safety systems optional

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