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Localization and Positioning Solutions

Logistic processes in the field of warehousing and production must be efficient. A significant increase in efficiency can be achieved through the detection of position and speed in track-bound and free applications, the tracking of objects, and localization of mobile platforms as well as AGV system fleets. SICK offers comprehensive localization and positioning solutions for these purposes.

Line guidance and grid localization

Efficient localization solutions for automated guided vehicles

Line guidance and grid localization are simple forms of localization for automated guided vehicles. For line guidance, the sensor detects an optical or magnetic line and outputs the position deviation to the line. For grid localization, the sensor detects 2D codes which are attached to the floor as rasters and deliver position data to the vehicle control.

LiDAR localization

LiDAR-based localization solutions

The LiDAR localization solutions from SICK enable the position determination of mobile platforms based on natural surrounding contours. These solutions can be adapted flexibly to the respective purpose, especially with the help of individual feature extensions. The wide range of sensors and computing units from SICK ensure scalability and modularity of the localization solution.

Linear measurement sensors

Linear measurement sensors from SICK use highly innovative technologies for the non-contact measurement of positions, speeds, and lengths. The OLM sensors’ camera-based system determines the current position based on a mounted bar code tape. This acts as a reference point against which the OLM sensor can position itself accurately, depending on variants, over a length of up to 10 km and as little as 0.15 mm, regardless of whether the product travel path is in a straight line or curved.

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