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AC Motors

Induction Motors

Nidec world-class matched solutions bring together Control Techniques’ AC drives and US Motors’ induction motors. Unidrive M700 high performance AC drives and Commander C200 general purpose AC drives have been matched with ACCU-Torq® severe duty cast iron and vector duty steel and aluminum induction motors to make selection easy.

Permanent magnet motors

Leroy-Somer’s LSRPM and PLSRPM DYNEO® permanent magnet synchronous motors are designed to be controlled by a drive. Their efficiency is not only better than that of NEMA Premium solutions at rated speed, but is also much higher at low speeds. This increase in efficiency is as much as 12 to 15 percent at half-speed.


ACCU-Torq® AC motors are high performance induction motors designed specifically for precision speed control.

  • 5000:1 speed range with Unidrive M vector drives
  • Constant HP operation to twice base speed
  • Continuous duty at 400 °C ambient
  • Inverter grade insulation
  • Available with optional encoder feedback and holding brakes installed


LSRPM/PLSRPM Permanent Magnet motors are based on Induction Motor components offering reliability, efficiency and flexibility.

  • Proven technology with more than 15 years of experience
  • Unrivalled expertise with the world’s largest installed base
  • Proven high efficiency exceeding IE4 and NEMA Super Premium requirements
  • Robust design based on Induction Motor components
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Interchangeable range with IEC mechanics equivalent to an Induction Motor
  • Compact range with reduced size and weight or Interchangeable with standard IEC mechanics
  • Sensorless mode
  • Guaranteed optimal torque over the all speed range
  • Quick return on investment and reduced Total Cost of Ownership

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