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Color sensors

Color sensors identify the hues of objects. The sensors do this by shining light onto the items to be examined throughout the whole visible spectrum, calculating the color proportions from the light reflected, and comparing them to previously learned reference color values.

CSS/CSX High Speed

Detects 24 stored colors quickly and offers precise adjustments

  • Switching frequency: 13.8 kHz
  • Output of color values (L*a*b or RGB) and color similarity
  • Output of up to 15 colors using the “Coded” mode
  • Up to 24 colors per identification task (job) can be saved
  • IO-Link interfaces; SOPAS software with application-specific setup assistant
  • CSX: installation-compatible to CS8

CSS High Resolution

Detects even very slight color nuances and masters changing distances

  • High color resolution
  • Detects color gradients and structured materials
  • Sensing distances up to 500 mm
  • Automatic sensing distance regulation
  • Output of color values (L*a*b/RGB) and color similarity
  • Up to 24 colors per identification task (job) can be saved
  • IO-Link interface, application-specific setup assistance via SOPAS
  • Full color TFT display


Mini, easy, smart

  • Color sensor in a miniature housing that saves valuable installation space
  • Static and dynamic teach-in methods using intuitive teach-in button
  • Remote teach-in by means of IO-Link provides visualization, configuration and diagnostic options
  • Sensing distance of 12.5 mm or 15 mm for easy adaptation to different application requirements
  • New optics system with larger sensing distance, higher tolerance, sturdier design and uniform RGB detection


High-performance color sensing

  • One (CS8-1) or four (CS8-4) colors can be saved
  • 12.5 mm or 60 mm sensing distance
  • Fast response time up to 85 µs
  • High resolution color
  • Bar graph display shows the correlation of the colors
  • Extremely precise light spot and high resolution
  • Metal housing with two light exits (interchangeable)

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