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Precision LED Lighting

Backlighting provides an area of uniform illumination, oriented behind the object of interest, primarily for creating a part silhouette of instant contrast between dark and light. It is most useful for edge detection, part location/orientation or presence/absence, hole detection and object gauging. Linear Backlights can also be deployed behind a moving web of material when used in conjunction with line scan cameras, when intensities are enough to freeze motion.

Ultra Seal Backlights

BL245 Series

​Built for extreme environments, our IP69K certified lights are specifically engineered to withstand everything from prolonged liquid immersion to high-pressure steam cleaning and corrosive washdown solutions.

Backlit Backlights

BL Series

The BL Series of Back-lit Backlights offer a low profile design with a planar, back-lit array of LEDs. Model numbers include the BL0202, BL0404 and BL0808.

Edge-Lit Backlights

BX Series

The BX series of Edge-lit Backlights are characterized by their high brightness and low heat output.

Back-Lit Collimated Backlights

CB Series

The CB series of Back-lit Collimated Backlights deliver precision silhouetting for a range of machine vision applications.

Eurobright Large and Small Backlights


The EuroBrite™ backlight provides high-intensity illumination at a competitive price point.

MicroBrite Backlights

BT Series

Our MicroBrite™ Edge-lit backlights provides the highest flux density of any backlight in our portfolio.

Compact Linear Backlights

BL128 Series

The BL128 Series of Compact Backlights provide edge to edge illumination in a 12mm thick housing.

High Intensity Linear Backlights

BL138 Series

Our High Intensity Linear Backlights offer 510 kLux output, perfect for back-lit, line-scanning applications.

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