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Industrial PC's

Pro-face Industrial Personal Computers are highly durable. They have the environmental toughness required on the production site, and are structured to protect data. Out build-to-order system allows you to select exactly the product you need for your application.

PS6000 Series - New Experience

You have an increasing need for data management and flexibility with smart manufacturing, digitization, IIoT, Edge computing. PS6000 brings high-end HMI capabilities, building PC-based architecture from the needs of the application, selecting software, system structure, operation efficiency, data flow. PS6000 makes the next stage of your digital transformation and new experience, providing flexibility, simple visibility, and reliability.

PS5000 Series

In an era where it's easy to take advantage of the benefits of IT and cloud-computing, data regarding trends from markets, production, distribution, and consumption are easily accessible, making it possible to drastically reduce waste through expansion of data-driven business. This, in turn, is becoming a prerequisite for remaining competitive in manufacturing industries. In order to utilize manufacturing data, large amounts of data must be compiled at various locations, and using a general-purpose OS such as Windows for on-site devices and equipment is a simple way to easily and accurately connect those devices.

PS4000 Series

High Speed Processing

PS4000 Series has high-speed CPU and PCI Express mounted and can be used for high performance equipment. Its large-size heat sink and intelligent fan control reduce load on the components for a long service life. A fan-less model with lower operating noise and heat is also available.

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