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High-quality, innovative sensor technology products are synonymous with CAPTRON since 1983. We are a German company with locations in China, North America and Poland as well as sales partners in over 20 countries worldwide. With a focus on expanding digital competencies and linking software with hardware, we develop an extensive range of capacitive and optical sensors as well as complete sensor systems.

CANEO series10

The CANEO Series10 are highly versatile capacitive touch sensors manufactured in standard, stainless steel, and hygienic application options. These washdown capable sensors are robust and reliable with intuitive, ergonomic design.

  • Flexible integration in basic and industry 4.0 systems
  • 360° visibility
  • Customizable colors and symbols
  • Adaptable touch sensitivity
  • EHEDG Certified, FDA compliant, meets ISO1672 requirements
  • Available with M12 connector and stranded wire connection
CANEO series10

CANEO series4x

The CANEO series4x can be easily integrated into HMI applications. Featuring a large touch surface that ensures intuitive operation and maximum function, the series 4x also allows innovative lighting customization with a configurable LED ring. Assign one of 16 million luminous colors to individual users, show brief instructions or countdown texts on display, or adjust to the brightness of the environment.

  • All-in-one switch: status, signal, and 7-segment display
  • Flexible use with or without IO-Link
  • Capacitive sensor technology
  • Can be integrated into any system architecture
  • Robust durability
  • Enhanced safety and injury protection
  • Capacitive sensors work with disposable and heavy-duty work gloves
  • Designed for daily, fatigue-free, continuous use
  • Maintenance-free SENSORswitches
Captron Two-Handed control safeCAP

Two-Hand Control SafeCap – SC4 Series

The capacitive safeCAP two-hand control allows heavy machinery and systems in automated production plants, such as presses and punches, to be controlled safely and without pressure. To start the machine the user simultaneously presses two capacitive buttons which are connected to a safety relay. Incorrect or inattentive control using just one hand or with another part of the body is detected by the system and the machine is not started.

  • Detect metallic and non-metallic objects from a size of 0.05mm
  • Wide range of design and sizes
  • Precise alignment
  • Robust and durable metal housing (IP65)
  • Easy assembly

TCP Optical Sensors - OGLW / ORL

CAPTRON offers high precision Tool-Center-Point (TCP) measuring instruments that enable you to perform automatic recalibration. The instruments work with two perpendicular aligned laser light barriers to determine the robot’s tool deviations. The switching signals from the TCP measuring instrument can be used to automatically correct the TCP and thus for automatic movement correction of the robot.

Level Sensors

CAPTRON is the market leader in fill level measurement in the field of dispensing technology. Capacitive probes accurately and reliably measure the fill levels of liquids, bulky goods, pastes, adhesives, and chemically aggressive materials.

  • Configure your solution based on application, container type, and sensor properties
  • Millimeter-accuracy
  • Choose from compact probes, in which the electronics and probe form a single unit or probes with external amplifiers that are suitable for applications with high temperatures and pressures
  • Constructed with high-quality material such as stainless steel, Teflon and Peek for maximum durability

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