FEATURESEasy Configuration and AdministrationSimple configurationTrue thin-client administrationSupport for virtualizationUnparalleled, Enterprise-wide PerformanceSub-second data collectionUltra-efficient data compressionCollect up to 2 Million data points per serverManage up to 1000 collectors per serverPrecise time stamp resolutionOpen and Layered CompatibilityWide range of

 CIMTEC's Machine Vision Metrics Software communicates with your machine vision stations via existing plant Ethernet network. It stores all inspection results and images created by each camera and makes data available to users anywhere in the plant

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High-speed multi-axis coordinated servo motion control.Industries Served:Textiles, Films, Packaging, Converters, Printing, PublishingProducts UsedISA-Bus Multi-Axis Motion ControllerIndustrial PCServo and Vector Drives and MotorsThe Advantages:Improves machine performance and reliability.High-speed coordination combined with automatic adjustment and easy setup.All motion and