In some situations, the Proficy License Server service gets hung up during the hardware check and fails to find a license. This may cause other Proficy services to stop. These 9 steps should lead to a resolution. Resolution1.       Open

The latest 4.5 release of Proficy Historian expands on the unparalleled power of our 4.x series Enterprise Historian platform with significant scalability, performance, and functionality improvements.  This release allows our customers to fundamentally change the way they use

Many of our customers have a corporate IT initiative to move to Windows 7.   In other cases they purchase new hardware and notice that Windows 7 is the only OS available.   Cimplicity version 8.1 provides

FEATURESEasy Configuration and AdministrationSimple configurationTrue thin-client administrationSupport for virtualizationUnparalleled, Enterprise-wide PerformanceSub-second data collectionUltra-efficient data compressionCollect up to 2 Million data points per serverManage up to 1000 collectors per serverPrecise time stamp resolutionOpen and Layered CompatibilityWide range of