Space-Saving Solution That is Economically Unbeatable Tight on space? With all of CIMTEC’s solutions, we bear the individual requirements of your processes in mind. SICK's vast range

With robotic applications expanding beyond the typical high-speed pick and place, many collaborative robot applications call for the ability to pick delicate or unusually-shaped items and objects. Epick and AirPick Grippers provide you with position, force, and

CIMTEC Automation understands the growing trends in factory automation and the needs for greater accuracy and large fields of view.  We are excited to bring our customers the newest model of Cognex’s’ vision family, The In-Sight 9000.

"Apps & Taps" Nov. 8th, 2018 @ Sugar Creek Brewery in Charlotte, NC. CIMTEC Automation, LLC is the Mid-Atlantic regions premier Distributor of automation technology and services.  Specializing in Vision, Controls and Robotics technology, CIMTEC Engineers invite

DVT Cameras have been obsolete for years now, with no spares on shelves anywhere…what is your plan to migrate forward safely and effectively?  Don’t get caught in a down situation with obsolete equipment! It is well known

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Cimtec partners with small parts assembly customer to increase throughput while increasing quality.   Cognex machine vision integrated with Denso 6-axis robotics.Customer has hand assembled product since 1968 due in part to the very tight clearances of