CIMTEC engineers have been solving machine tending and palletizing solutions for years. Our customers continue to see a return on their investment by using robots for mundane repetitive tasks, allowing their skilled workers to focus on more

(excerpt from OnRobot article Feb. 2022) How the Biggest Trend in Collaborative Automation Simplifies Deployments & Boosts Productivity In the B.C. era (Before Collaboration, that is), automation was the sole preserve of industrial giants with massive budgets.

OnRobot has launched the 2FG7, a complete, low cost, easy to use, out-of-the-box, cleanroom-ready parallel gripper. Designed to enable companies of all sizes to set up gripping applications at low cost, the 2FG7 can be deployed within

OnRobot has been clear about its intentions to be the leading provider of collaborative end-of-arm tooling. In April, CIMTEC added their new Eyes Vision System to our OnRobot line-up. Now your facility can have a 2.5D vision