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Current Situation:

For years, GE has sold a redundant 90-30 PLC solution, called MAXON 9030 or HBR. This solution consists of a pair of 90-30 PLCs that are connected to each other and use proprietary software blocks to perform data synchronization and redundancy. There can be multiple different I/O networks associated with these redundant PLCs.

To make this software redundancy solution work, the user must contact GE after a CPU change has been made to receive an “Enabling Code” which then must be downloaded to the CPU. If the enabling code is not installed, the system will run for (23) days, and then the redundancy will stop working.

The GE 90-30 PLC is obsolete now, and it is NO LONGER POSSIBLE to get enabling codes from GE. This means once you replace a CPU, you will only have (23) days of redundancy!

In addition, the software required to set this up is no longer available and would only run on Windows XP machines – something most companies have phased out.


The existing PLC project in a 90-30 CPU can be uploaded and migrated to the current GE RX3i PLC platform. Enabling codes are no longer required, and the solution is much simpler. We have multiple redundant PLC solutions available that directly replace these old 90-30 systems.

How we can help:

CIMTEC can provide you with the engineering services and support to migrate your existing 90-30 redundant solutions to the current generation of hardware. This service allows you to maintain your existing systems with minimal software change and re-wiring and can be done in a fraction of the time it would take to develop a solution from scratch.


If you have a redundant 90-30 PLC installed now, it was put there for a reason – Maximum Reliability. These systems are now obsolete, and they cannot be maintained because Enabling Codes are no longer available. You may not realize how close you are to shut down. Call CIMTEC at 704-227-4600. We can help.

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