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Your GE Series PLC needs a distributor who knows these automation products inside and out, regardless of the generation. From the original PLCs to the newer PAC systems, CIMTEC Automation has been providing both new and remanufactured GE components as well as consulting services for nearly 30 years. We’re equipped to help you support your old systems, transition to a new one, or get the product you need quickly! ge automation

Our Extensive Stock of GE Products

We stock thousands of GE automation and controls parts, from CPUs to PLC boards and beyond. We ship immediately and our inventory extends from parts to support old systems such as the GE Series Six PLC to the newest systems from GE, including GE Fanuc 90-30 and the RX3i PAC Systems. In addition to new parts, we also stock remanufactured parts from our expert certified technicians. We offer a two-year warranty on all remanufactured parts from GE—this beats the OEM’s warranty by a whole year!

Any part that you need, you can find it with us at CIMTEC for a great price. We update our database of available parts constantly, so a quick call to us is all that’s needed to find the part you need. From the latest technology to the most obsolete GE components, CIMTEC helps keep you at your best with our competitive stock of GE automation components and controls.

Our expertise and services don’t stop there—we also provide automation consulting to help you incorporate ideal solutions into your automation setup.

Consulting Services for Your GE Automation

Our expert consulting services at CIMTEC Automation aren’t just here to help solve your problems—we help make your systems work better. We merge products, services, and technology all into one solution to reduce risk, increase value, and enhance the performance of your automation. Our team helps you update old systems, integrate new ones, and make a seemingly complicated migration simple with our tactical planning.

We work with a variety of industries to help optimize your networking, meet regulations, and uncover the best solutions for your manufacturing industry. Our long-term relationships with some of the best automation manufacturers in the world like GE help us tailor the right solution for you at the lowest price. Our skills are here to help you be successful. From running risk assessment analysis to designing applications and even helping to train your employees, our consulting services are ready to optimize your GE Automation.

Continuing Our Expertise Since 1987

For nearly 30 years, CIMTEC Automation has been uniting great automation products with cutting-edge engineering solutions. Our comprehensive industry experience enables us customize your industrial automation setup. From engineering to repairs to sales, CIMTEC remains one of the top service providers and GE product distributors for you. Our goal is to help you succeed through technology and become the best in your industry.

When you need GE automation products and engineering solutions, work with a company that specializes in GE automation and controls distribution. We help service your old products, consult you on which new ones would best fit your goals, and keep thousands of GE components in stock ready to be shipped to you at a moment’s notice. For all your GE automation needs, CIMTEC can help!

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