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5 Keys to Overcoming Traditional PLC Limitations

Horner Automation Group designs, builds, and markets a wide array of industrial All-in-One controllers, consisting of programmable HMI, I/O, software and peripherals for the Industrial, Process Control and Building Automation markets.

CIMTEC has partnered with Horner for a reason…you get the best value in the market for PLC controllers. While traditional PLC solutions have provided a structure for customers to build customized automation applications for many years, the current requirements of speed to market, data collection, and remote connectivity provide the perfect venue for a creative modern solution like our All-in-One, OCS controllers at Horner.

Traditional PLC configurations struggle to meet modern automation requirements without adding external, sometimes third-party hardware and software to complete an entire control system.

Automation systems are no longer solely about simple ladder logic used to replace relays ‐ modern automation systems are designed for speed of implementation, flexibility, scalability and connectivity; all while providing detailed user facing information, in real time. To meet these requirements, engineers and integrators have become adept at coupling many different products from multiple manufactures to appear seamless.

Incorporating Horner’s All-in-One controllers, rather than a traditional PLC into an automation design, allows engineers and users the opportunity to take advantage of a completely integrated solution, manufactured by one company.

Below are five keys that Horner controllers provide to overcome these traditional PLC limitations:

  1. Software: Traditional PLC based applications are programmed using proprietary software. Through Cscape software, we allow programming in our enhanced ladder logic environment as well as in all of the IEC-61131 programming languages, a complete HMI graphical configuration suite, HTML5 web development, and a full featured motion configuration environment ‐ all for little or no cost.
  2. I/O: Traditional PLC based applications include options for I/O to be mounted with the processor in a backplane or on a local bus. All-in-One controllers provide seamless connectively to many different network bus options; many of which can be configured to run simultaneously.
  3. Communications: Horner All-in-One controller solutions has maintained the support of all the communication options since the beginning of their development. Horner has also developed around most of the popular industrial Ethernet protocols like Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP and even BAC/Net.
  4. Connectivity: In many of the All-in-One model options, you will have the ability to simultaneously use the following hardware connections: two independent Ethernet ports, three serial ports, two CAN Bus ports, and the widest range of on board I/O in the industry.
  5. Data Collection:  Actual data collection within the confines of a traditional PLC doesn’t exist. Through almost 25 years of perfecting their software, data logging continues to be one of the most renowned features within our Cscape environment. Directly through the OCS products and their WEBMI feature, you have the ability to:
    • Visualize historical trends and historical data in many other formats
    • Capture information without the use of expensive add-on devices or software
    • Present this data in HTML5 format through the use of this powerful real-time data collection functionality, allowing customers to interact remotely via any internet enabled device

You can see CIMTEC’s full line of Horner products here. Call us at 877.524.6832 and one of our engineers can help you find the right controller for your facility.


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