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The #1 SCARA Robots in the World – Epson

eCampusnews.com published RCC’s case study: https://www.ecampusnews.com/2021/09/02/how-a-community-college-prepares-students-for-real-world-industrial-automation-applications/


Randolph Community College (RCC) in Asheboro, North Carolina believes in preparing their students with hands-on experience, knowledge, and the confidence needed to be successful in their career. A graduate from their Mechatronics program will be able to install or repair, as well as disassemble and troubleshoot electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, robotic, pneumatic, and control systems, even to the component level in the world of automation manufacturing.


RCC wanted to offer their students more diversity in robot types. Give them the opportunity to train on real production ready robots, where all lessons learned will translate into real world applications. When it’s time for their graduates to enter the real world, they want them more than ready, they want them to have real world experience.  RCC needed a technical edge. 

Mechatronics is the future, many devices today cannot be defined as electrical, or mechanical, they rely on three disciplines for operation. Electrical, mechanical and software for the logical and position feedback. So, having robot diversity in their program was at the forefront.

“The T3 gives our students the opportunity to train on real production ready robots where all lessons learned will translate into real world applications. CIMTEC continued the support after the sale, proving to be flexible with delivery and start-up then follow-up months later. CIMTEC is there for the long haul.”

—Wesley Moore, Department Head of Industrial Programs, Randolph Community College 


It is no secret that the Epson SCARA Robots are #1 worldwide and that CIMTEC has a long-lived partnership with Epson. CIMTEC engineers had been working on building the Epson T3 Education System a year before working with RCC and knew they had the best all-around solution for them. The system was developed at the manufacturing level, and these robots are used around the world by manufacturing companies. By adding the Epson T3 Education Systems, RCC got the diversity they needed to give them a technical edge from other industrial programs. CIMTEC customers are customers for life, and we pride ourselves in knowing that we are there to help even after the sale.  

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