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CIMTEC leads the industry with our line of sensors. We partner with innovative manufacturers that are committed to producing the best of the best. We are excited about SICK’s newly launched W4F family of miniature smart sensors, they  incorporate powerful new optical technologies, with each purpose-designed to “master common sensing challenges with complete reliability”.

The SICK W4F family of photoelectric smart sensors “pack a choice of class-leading detection options and application-specific optics into the same, rugged, 16mm x 40mm x 12mm housing,” says SICK. Each features SICK’s trademark BluePilot push-turn pinpoint alignment and on-sensor status display.

With their resilience to bright ambient light, the W4F smart sensors “multiply intelligent machine integration options for almost any application, no matter how tight the available mounting space”.


Flat Out Performance

The W4F product family proves that the necessary intelligence is not a matter of size. It is comparable in performance to the W16 and W26 photoelectric sensors but will surprise you with its mini format housing. That makes the W4F the ideal solution for applications with limited installation space. And no longer do you need to worry about jet black, highly reflective, flat or transparent objects. Equipped with the SICK-specific ASIC technology SIRIC®, the small sensors are exceptionally insensitive to all known active and passive optical inter­ ference sources, for example as generated by modern LED lamps, and can be flexibly adapted to specialized automation applications.

The Smart Sensors in the W4F product family, which are powered by IO­Link, are ready for the most demanding Industry 4.0 applications. Practical features for intelligent monitoring and predictive maintenance ensure a very high reliability in operation.

The High Flier in Intelligent Automation

Integration has never been easier: The innovative BluePilot operating concept with LED feedback enables alignment and adjustment of the sensor in seconds. As Smart Sensors, the W4F, W16 and W26 product families detect every situation, process it and communicate it to the process environment via IO-Link. If the sensors report that ambient conditions have changed during operation, deviations in the production process can be eliminated before failures occur. Since they actively support automation, they open the door to intelligent 4.0 factories.

SICK W4F Features:

  • Sensor alignment using BluePilot: BluePilot allows the sensors and reflectors as well as senders and receivers to be aligned within seconds. With photoelectric proximity sensors, a combined Teach-Turn adjustment enables both fast and precise setting.
  • Detection reliability thanks to innovative technologies: Where other sensors reach their limits, the W4F, W16 and W26 product families are in a class of their own. Whether with TwinEye-Technology®, LineSpot and ClearSens in the W16 and W26 photoelectric sensor product families or V-Optics, DoubleLine and MultiSwitch in the W4F: Our optical experts detect almost any object without error. Shiny, specular or structured surfaces are no problem, nor are transparent and extremely flat objects or objects with recesses.
  • Rugged when used with VISTAL®: The smart photoelectric sensor intelligence is packed into a rugged housing made of VISTAL®, which consists of glass-fiber reinforced plastic. The sensors can withstand extreme thermal, chemical or mechanical stress with ease.
  • Automated communication with Smart Sensors: Smart Sensors provide indispensable input for every process chain. They support dynamic, real-time-optimized, and self-organized industry processes. The W4F, W16 and W26 Smart Sensors generate a wide range of digital process and diagnostic data that can be used to automate tasks and implement predictive maintenance.

CIMTEC engineers are trained and experienced with all of the SICK line of products, let us show you the power behind the SICK W4F, call us for a free demo. 877.524.6832. Request a demo here.

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