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SICK Sensor Intelligence is one of the leading manufacturers of cutting-edge sensors for your automation systems. These advanced sensors provide measuring and sensing solutions for applications to control processes, even in the harshest environments.


SICK provides a variety of intelligent sensors to work with virtually any application. Here are 6 SICK sensors and what they do!


  1. Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Capacitive Proximity SICK sensors work well with industrial applications for both level and feed monitoring with sensing ranges from 1-25mm. They work with a variety of applications to provide accurate and reliable detections from the production phase to the final inspection.


Need sensors for harsh environments? SICK Capacitive Proximity sensors are the ideal sensors to work in the harsh environments that often come with industrial applications. They’re designed to be resistant to contaminants like dust and electromagnetic interference: these sensors can work through it all!


  1. H18 Photoelectric Sensors

H18 Photoelectric sensors from SICK are known for their reliability and their ability to work in a range of environments. These sensors are designed to run at optimal performance—simply look at their signal strength light bar, which lets you know when something needs to be done to increase performance.


H18 Photoelectric sensors from SICK also feature AutoAdapt technology, which allows these sensors to maintain clear material detection in addition to a durable construction and AC/DC power available across the whole portfolio. H18 Photoelectric sensors feature many standard options to customize performance and maximize reliability of this sensor’s readings.


  1. Inductive Proximity Sensors

These non-contact sensors from SICK are ideal for detecting metal objects and feature an extensive operating life and precision thanks to the most recent ASIC technology!


Inductive Proximity sensors work best for strict automation requirements because they work well in demanding environments and provide innovative and specific solutions for your proximity sensor needs. When you need a non-contact sensor for explosive environments, food or beverage systems, and more, CIMTEC can help you implement these state-of-the-art sensors to complement your automation system.


  1. Magnetic Cylinder Sensors

Magnetic Cylinder sensors are attached right onto the cylinder body and also feature non-contact sensing and precise measurements. Their short response time and zero wear-and-tear make these sensors ideal to detect piston position in pneumatic cylinders.


If you’re looking for Magnetic Cylinder sensors from SICK, CIMTEC can help you optimize performance for your system with T-Slot, C-Slot, and Profile Cylinder sensors. Which model would work best for your applications? CIMTEC can help you discover more about these sensors and how they can help!


  1. Magnetic Proximity Sensors

SICK’s Magnetic sensors enable industry-wide solutions to applications with both cylindrical (MM) and square (MQ) configurations. The cylindrical configuration for SICK’s Magnetic Proximity sensors has standard ranges for sensing and even offers an Advanced series with extended ranges for sensing. These sensors use magnets that are smaller in size and newer in technology, making the Magnetic Proximity sensors a complete series designed for even the harshest environments—including explosive atmospheres. These sensors can detect their targets through walls!


If you’re considering Magnetic Proximity sensors, we can help you learn more about how these innovative solutions from SICK can help create lasting solutions! If you’re not sure what SICK model of Magnetic sensors would work best for your industry application, CIMTEC can help.


  1. Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensors from SICK are ideal for environments that are limited in space. They provide precise optics and advanced technology in a small package. These truly exceptional solutions can work in a variety of industries to provide the best photoelectric sensor services. Choose from miniature, cylindrical, and fiber-optic photoelectric sensors.


These sensors can fit in virtually any space or work with any application. They also feature specialized sensors for Zone Control, Transparent objects, and of course, explosive atmospheres. Photoelectric sensors are also ideal for hygienic applications!


Using PinPoint Technology—which uses LED lights for photoelectric sensors—can increase the intensity of light and therefore increase reliable, effective sensing from SICK Sensor Intelligence.


Interested in learning more about how SICK Sensor Intelligence can help take your industry solutions to the next level? Contact us at CIMTEC to learn more about how these sensors can revolutionize your automation systems and provide state-of-the-art sensing solutions!


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