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A Giant Leap in Inspection Technology

Our CIMTEC engineers know that intelligent questions have more than one answer. The best technology depends on the task at hand. We have helped our customers with critical solutions by tailoring machine vision applications to their specific needs and conditions of the applications.

The SICK TriSpector1000’s 2D and pioneering 3D vision portfolio has worked overtime to ensure that assembly line inspections are running smoothly with no object being missed. Whatever you need to inspect, a solid configuration is easily achieved. with the Trisectors’ guaranteed field of view enables quick replacement or relocation of the device and simple reuse of your settings.

Thinking Outside the Box

Many of our customers are faced with challenges that don’t always require complex answers. Inspecting objects packed in boxes efficiently is one. The TriSpector1000 handles inspection of box integrity, including content verification, completeness and emptiness check, and much more. It handles 3D inspections, but also 2D inspections like label positioning and integrity detection, thanks to its ability to acquire intensity data.

Start Your TriSpector1000 Story

Your story starts with a decision to leave old configuration methods behind, and to discover something new and innovative instead. Choosing the TriSpector1000 is a giant leap when it comes to the opportunities it gives you, and how much flexibility it brings. But when it comes to ease-of-use, commissioning and operation, the step couldn’t be much smaller.

By choosing to bring the TriSpector1000 into your production line, you choose to bring the most intuitive, lighting-fast and accurate worker to your facility. The four tools that accompany the TriSpector1000 are all about flexibility and combined, they offer almost limitless opportunities. With its user-friendly graphical interface, even a child could set it up.

SICK TriSpector1000 Features at a glance:

  • 3D inspection of moving parts
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Embedded image analysis
  • Easy replacement concept
  • High resolution 3D image with intensity overlay
  • Factory calibrated 3D data, true mm values in all dimensions
  • Rugged IP67 metal housing with plastic windows

CIMTEC engineers are trained and experienced with all of the SICK line of products, let us show you the power behind the SICK TriSpector1000!  877.524.6832

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