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CHARLOTTE, NC- FEBRUARY 2021 – CIMTEC is proud to be recognized as a Premier Distributor for deploying solutions from Emerson’s industrial automation and control portfolio in the NC, SC, VA. The Emerson designation validates CIMTEC’s automation and

SICK's SPEETEC Transcends the Limits in the Monitoring of Movements   [embed]https://youtu.be/UKCk2Lg32r4[/embed] Can you imagine the unimaginable? A non-contact motion sensor that is virtually wear and maintenance free, has unprecedented affordability and absolute precision surface measurement for

The Digitax HD M750 is designed to meet the demands of modern manufacturers for smaller, more flexible and higher performing machinery.  CIMTEC’s line of Nidec ethernet drives have a proven track record of outlasting their competitors brands. 

Collaborative robots, otherwise known as cobots, have wowed the robotics industry with their unique capabilities representing some of the most exciting advancements in robotic technology today. CIMTEC customers have heard a lot of misconceptions about what cobots

CIMTEC Automation is excited to introduce the new UltraSeal Washdown LED Lights from Advanced Illumination.   Engineered for your environment, the UltraSeal Washdown LED Lights are sealed, and durable enough to handle the most intense applications. The

Here is the latest statement from Jeff Householder, President of the Machine Automation Solutions division of Emerson Automation Solutions, regarding the future of GE Automation:       May 1, 2019 Dear Customer, It has been ninety