We love it when our robots and sensors team up. An industrial imaging and robotic automation company needed a vision system that could communicate directly with controllers for their inline production changes. CIMTEC has solved many challenges

At CIMTEC ‘Safety is Key’, is on the top of our list when finding solutions for our customers. It’s a concept that ramped up during the COVID-19 era and continues to be paramount in the manufacturing industry.

Getting students real world experience before they enter the workforce is a priority for every educational institution. Now, with this collaborative team of cobots, they are getting just that. CIMTEC Automation partners with MiR and Universal Robots

MiR250 Hook is ideal for a wide range of towing jobs, such as efficiently moving heavy products between locations in a manufacturing facility or warehouse or moving linen and food carts in hospitals. The MiR250 Hook supports

The automation industry is constantly bringing our customers new innovative ways to use machines for their production needs. The Epson SCARA Robot and Flexibowl have been working together delivering accurate feeding solutions to the manufacturing world for

Tired of seeing the limited choices out there for a paint robot with precise control and quality? Kawasaki changes the game. CIMTEC has partnered with Kawasaki Robots for years and we are excited about this new innovative