CIMTEC’s line of 3D sensors from LMI Technologies is simply the best in the industry. Easy to use, and with its highly accurate scanning technology, this smart sensor delivers. The automotive industry represents one of the most

Gocator firmware 6.0 offers a number of major User Interface improvements to make your inspection process easier to develop, visualize, and more productive. Users now have numerous new interface improvements, along with new smart features and capabilities

We love it when our robots and sensors team up. An industrial imaging and robotic automation company needed a vision system that could communicate directly with controllers for their inline production changes. CIMTEC has solved many challenges

Automation is driving factories to be smart. That's why CIMTEC Automation partnered with LMI, to offer our customers an all-in-one 3D sensor for all your 3D scanning and inspection needs. The feature rich Gocator® 2512 is a

The Gocator family of sensors are some of the smartest 3D sensors on the market today. Gocator is an inclusive hardware device that features 3D scans and includes measuring and control functions all in one device! This

LMI Technologies has announced the release of Gocator Firmware Version 3.3.  This firmware release is for all series of Gocators, the 2000 series family and the 2300 series family.  The release includes these highlights:EtherNet/IP:  Gocator is now