The PACSystemsTM RSTi-EP CPE 200 programmable automation controllers from Emerson, a leader in software, technology, and engineering, were just released (PAC). By reducing the need for skilled software engineering personnel, this new family of tiny PACs enables

Whatever it is you need to build CIMTEC engineers can help you do it in less time. With Emerson’s new Movicon portfolio of software you get secure and reliable solutions to develop and maintain supervisory, control and

From creating the first remote I/O with Genius, to our modern-day outcome-optimizing controllers that revolutionized the PLC, Emerson continues to surpass conventional standards to help customers maximize the power of the Industrial Internet. Emerson’s next generation industrial

CIMTEC has been solving end-to-end solutions that leverage the PAC systems for many years helping to maximize production for our customers. We recognize that control systems are more than just a collection of PID-algorithm control loops. Advanced control can

CHARLOTTE, NC- FEBRUARY 2021 – CIMTEC is proud to be recognized as a Premier Distributor for deploying solutions from Emerson’s industrial automation and control portfolio in the NC, SC, VA. The Emerson designation validates CIMTEC’s automation and

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CIMTEC is the world’s leader in automation products. We have partnered with the industry’s top manufacturers carrying an inventory of state-of -the-art equipment that will keep your costs at a minimum and your production at a maximum.

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