Don't leave the performance of your factory to chance. Operate with peace of mind and make some money with your unwanted parts.    Risk should be taken very seriously, and at CIMTEC it is. Our expert engineers

Whether you have a plan in place or haven’t even thought about one just yet, CIMTEC is here to help you plan your transition with the utmost care and attention to detail. Migrating to the latest system

Current Situation: For years, GE has sold a redundant 90-30 PLC solution, called MAXON 9030 or HBR. This solution consists of a pair of 90-30 PLCs that are connected to each other and use proprietary software blocks

If you’re ready to migrate and are considering replacing your legacy GE PLC to the PAC Systems RX3i, get ready to experience some huge ROI from advanced technology. Replacing your Genius I/O blocks as they become obsolete

Since Genius I/O blocks will be officially discontinued as of June 2017, it’s understandable that you’d look into migrating and your PLC to upgrade to an active GE product. Your legacy PLC supports Genius I/O blocks. Your

GE’s Genius Is Retiring   When GE introduced their Genius line of I/O blocks in 1985, they offered automation advantages that other components couldn’t. These benefits included predictable operations for PLC systems, accelerated troubleshooting and diagnostics, shorter

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