In the first part of this entry, (Part 1) we discussed what the IC695CPL410 is.  In this entry, we will work with the CPL410 and write a short example program to get data from the controller side,

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Roughly a year ago, GE Intelligent Platforms (now a part of Emerson Machine Automation Solutions) released the IC695CPL410 Controller. This controller is unique in that it utilizes a powerful quad-core processor and a virtualization technique known as

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As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continues to get major coverage and as technology enabling IIoT becomes more prevalent, GE Automation & Controls has managed to stay on the forefront of this technology.  As proof of

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GE Automation & Controls PLCs are known for being extremely robust, and we often talk with customers that have been running their GE equipment for 20 or more years and have rarely had to touch it to