From creating the first remote I/O with Genius, to our modern-day outcome-optimizing controllers that revolutionized the PLC, Emerson continues to surpass conventional standards to help customers maximize the power of the Industrial Internet. Emerson’s next generation industrial

As seen in FlexiBowl article written May 2021 FlexiBowl, ARS robotic technology, has been selected by the US supply chain of swabs and rapid diagnostic tests (RDT). FlexiBowl is applied to feed parts into automatic machines that

[embed][/embed] Here at CIMTEC, we love the FlexiBowl!  And now there is more to love. FlexiBowl has added additional feeder sizes to their line, the FlexiBowl 200, Circular Tracking and the FlexiBowl 200. Users now have even

Emerson Automation has released the 2020 version of the Emerson Automation PAC Systems Guide Form Specification.  This specification covers the technical requirements for an industrial control system used to execute critical control over a process or a

Migration Means Huge ROI If you’re ready to migrate and are considering replacing your legacy GE/Emerson PLC to the PAC Systems RX3i, get ready to experience some huge ROI from advanced technology. CIMTEC is ready to help

Tens of thousands of applications worldwide inspect billions of products each day, many products that simply could not be manufactured without machine vision technology. Whether verifying the fill levels of soda bottles traveling on a conveyer, reading