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Wireless Ethernet

The Hirschmann™ BAT Family includes a broad portfolio of Access Points and Clients that work tougher seamlessly to offer maximum mobility, flexibility and network availability in today’s industrial environments.

BAT300 Family

The BAT300-Family are the first industrial access points offering "line speed Ethernet over the air". The BAT family products have rugged housing for installation in DIN rails, walls, or poles.

Ideally suited for:

  • Harsh indoor/outdoor conditions where the units are exposed to moisture, cold or extreme heat (-30 Celsius to +50 Celsius)
  • Applications where high operational reliability and redundancy are critical (multiple 24 VDC power redundancy, Power over Ethernet, and 12 V)
  • Installations where the devices must meet stringent EMC and noise immunity requirements
  • High-security networks that offer segmentation and authentication in addition to basic WLAN functionality (IEEE802.11i with PSK, LEPS, 802.1x and RADIUS)

Network Management

Manage and visualize your network with HIVision network management software.


This version of the software enables secure and easy configuration as well as real-time monitoring of industrial network components.

Industrial Vision

This new state-of-the-art software for industrial network management is ideal for configuring and supervising all Hirschmann managed products, as well as thirdparty devices. It allows for maximum network visibility.

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