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Unmanaged (Entry Level) Hubs and Switches

These entry-level hubs and switches from Hirschmann are a perfect solution for an economical installation of a company-wide Ethernet solution. The entry-level SPIDER family is for customers looking for a low-cost path to industrial ethernet. The SPIDER product family includes 21 entry-level user-friendly switches which support star or line network topologies over large distances at an impressive cost per port. Many special versions of the SPIDER switches are available, including Gigabit and extended temperature performance. Hirshmann's unmanaged switches also include the RS2, with redundant power inputs and fault relay, and the RS20 and RS30, which are ideal for applications that are less reliant on the features of switch management. All entrylevel switches meet the Hirschmann standard for quality, reliability and service.

SPIDER Switch Family

Entry level industrial switches for linear and star topologies with e1 approval for onboard vehicle applications, these simple unmanaged switches offer plug & play functionality in the lower area of the network pyramid.

RS, RS20, RS30

Feature-rich unmanaged switches with selectable port types, features, and approvals, these Fast Ethernet switches can have any number of ports. Gigabit Ethernet switches are also available with Gigabit uplink ports.

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