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One of the jobs that is perfectly suited to collaborative robot-powered automation is machine tending. Machine tending has become one of the most popular uses for cobots in recent years, which is not surprising given that it

CIMTEC customers have relied on the Epson T3 SCARA for good reason, it’s the #1 SCARA robot in the world. So how could it get even better? Lower costs, and lower power consumption are just a few

As collaborative robots emerge as the fastest growing segment of industrial automation, industry recognized robots are increasingly sought after in schools and manufacturing programs. Getting students real world experience before they enter the workforce is a priority

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The #1 SCARA Robots in the World - Epson eCampusnews.com published RCC’s case study: https://www.ecampusnews.com/2021/09/02/how-a-community-college-prepares-students-for-real-world-industrial-automation-applications/   Randolph Community College (RCC) in Asheboro, North Carolina believes in preparing their students with hands-on experience, knowledge, and the confidence needed

We have been living in uncertain times. The pandemic has changed how we work, socialize, and disrupted our sense of community. CIMTEC has searched for stories of inspiration to share with our customers to let you know

The World’s First Autonomous Bin Picking for Machine Tending Applications   Universal Robots has done it again. Released earlier this year, ActiNav from Universal Robots (UR) is the answer to the complexity and risk associated with bin

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